A Division of UES International
A Division of UES International

Panther Engineering now has a CAGE code and will be able to get on the GSA Schedules

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Sydney, Wednesday 8th June 2016

Panther Engineering now has a CAGE code and will be able to get on the GSA Schedules

Just a few months after announcing the acquisition of Panther Engineering in the USA, Alex Morcos, CEO of UES International reveals the group’s strategy moving forward.
Panther Engineering, a division of UES International Inc. has been assigned by the Department of Defense (DLA) with a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code enabling the company to participate and bid on government projects and other defense contracts. Moreover the company is now registered as a vendor to the US Government and able to get on the GSA Schedules and be included in the GSA AdvantageSelect in the future.

Starting in August 2016, Panther Engineering, will tool, manufacture and produce all sorts of seating spare parts and mounting components to address the needs of the North American market, this will include: Beam Extrusion, Standard Leg Extrusion, Machining of Standard Leg, Standard Deck Track, Heavy Duty Leg Extrusion, Weldable Deck Track, Deck Track Capping, Deck Track Toes, Beam End Cap…

This will enable the group to lower production costs and freight as well as keeping stock locally in the USA for faster reorders and delivery, providing our customers and shipyards the best level of service across the Americas.

Coming soon in August 2016: GSA AdvantageSelect offers pre-competed items for purchase by all federal customers without additional competition.

Moreover, the company will provide technical assistance to the local market, giving the option to assist our customers from receiving the project to mounting and performing QC assessment when required.

Driven by the company’s commitment to rapidly grow its presence in the Americas, this most recent acquisition enables UES International Group to expand their customer service and support program in the territory.
About Panther Engineering Inc.: Panther Engineering Inc. is a progressive manufacturing facility specialising in design, engineering and production of CNC parts, tooling, dies and moulds for the US military, defence and aerospace industries. After more than 40 years in operation, the company and its leadership team have been providing complete engineering and high precision CNC machining services to customers in the United States. Panther Engineering outstanding levels of quality, craftsmanship, speed and client service levels exceeded the expectations of the existing customers. The industries served included aerospace, military, automotive, oil and gas and customers like SpaceX, Boeing, Titan International, US Navy and National Oil Varco.

Moreover, Panther Engineering Inc.’ exceptional tooling capabilities and precision will give UES International the opportunity to integrate the fabrication of its own tooling and CNC work for both factories in Australia and the US. The previous factory based in Anaheim-California has just been relocated to a brand new, state of the art site in Fullerton-California.
About UES international: UES International is a 112 years old Australian based, family owned company that is committed to offering the most comprehensive range of innovative products to the commercial vehicle and vessel markets.
UES International is passionate about excellence in design, manufacture and supply, the company services and supports designers, engineers, owners and operators of commercial vehicles and vessels worldwide.

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