Alex Zanda


Something special for you with every purchase of an Alex Zanda chair

When you purchase your Alex Zanda chair, you’re buying a handmade piece of Australian design. Each Alex Zanda chair is ergonomically designed for healthy sitting and comfort, while being aesthetically pleasing when placed in any setting.

And because we understand the importance of aesthetics, quality and function when it comes to a work or creative space, we’re giving away with each new purchase of an Alex Zanda chair a beautifully crafted leather bound journal with refillable insert. The journal is made from durable recycled leather, features a pen loop, slit for a business card and inner left pocket. The refill is a 70 page, white dot line wire bound pad made from 100% de-inked recycled post-consumer waste collected from offices throughout Australia. It’s a stylish and useful accessory with which to take notes, sketch, doodle, or write your memoir!

And that’s not all. In the slit for the business card on the inside of the journal you’ll find a printed Alex Zanda card with a coupon code that entitles you to 10% off the purchase of your next Alex Zanda chair. Get another one for yourself, or pass it on to a friend.

Another reason to enhance your life with an Alex Zanda chair.


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